All Work No Joy

by John Christian

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Recorded between November 2015 and February 2016. This is a heavier album with political overtones.


released April 18, 2016

John Christian - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bell guitar, bass, organ, harmonica, sitar, zither, drums, piano, Arp Soloist, Yamaha CS80, Oberheim OBX, Fender Rhodes, vibraphone, melodica, harpsichord, big old drum, steel drums, metal pipe, wooden table, gourd, didgeridoo, accordion, anvil, sheet metal, sound effects,vocals



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John Christian Windsor, Nova Scotia

Music producer and arranger.






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Track Name: Miscalculating Judgement Day
Traveling on the moon town train
Not feeling quite half insane
With an opponent of the peace time land
This is where we have to stand
Is there nobody paying no due
To what you and I are going through
Echoes lead us to the safety zone
There’s love for all and you can have your own

If you can’t find tomorrow
Maybe you can beg or borrow
I can no longer reach you
Somebody else will have to teach you now

Take an alligator to your grave
Everyone will blindly wave
All because of one big score – tell me
Have you ever done this before?
These are emotions we are told to hide
Some even call it genocide
Hot coals on a star lit lake
Our love can never be called a mistake

Even though there is illusion
The common thread is confusion
I can no longer reach me
Somebody else will have to teach me now

Occupy another home
No education you have known
With an eternal lock around your neck
How come you cannot mend your pockets before you beg?
There is danger in numbers here
Some of us might disappear
Then what would all the prophets say?
Miscalculating judgment day

Perhaps the vacation’s over
Sling the bag on your shoulder
You can no longer reach me
Somebody else has already touched me now
Track Name: Nothing
Hail the rising sun Colours limited I aim my see through gun
Calling Lucifer He’s got me on the run End up prisoner of nothing

Lord of all around You see us pleading Won’t you lay your money down
Graves are turning There are maggots in the ground Still your children are worth nothing

Through the fire wall Pretend soldiers march They build their crosses tall
Caught up in the magic Now they start to fall Finding out their life means nothing

Life’s a callous dream With edges fraying It belongs inside a scream
Over-rating us by saying we are clean When really all we are are nothing
Track Name: All Work No Joy
Work for money
Two sets of rules – different opportunities
Wonder, do you fair well here
With all the handicaps you’ve got

Slave for fun
When will you have delight – two different cages
Don’t listen to the howling
It may call you in and then …

All work no joy

Work for money
Impotence – you’ll never admit to it
If all you have is what you need
In your backyard – your family tree
Never mind the pain

No Joy
Two sides to every face
One only does it for the purse
Can’t be satisfied until it’s over
Two different attitudes each opposing and then …

All work no joy

Work for money
There are no rules – uneven opportunities
One alternative exception
Can found seen through your stare

Dance for life
Above all remain pacified
Don’t mistake that cage for more
It’s worth is directly proportional to the time spent
Looking for the open door and then ...

All work no joy
Track Name: Jonah's Contact
This contact of division reminds me of relations
Who laugh and spoil you rotten because they feel they have to
Our Jonah made a contact uncertain up the ladder
Be careful don’t you stumble the higher that you travel
Here stands your only father – the founder of the nation
Reserves unfailing power to terminate the pressure
To work and earn our paper – Our Jonah’s made a contact

This reminds me of Gulliver tied down by those effeminate
The product of the system induces hibernation
Our Jonah made a contact; the wailing of the banshee
Is there to serve you warning of approaching death in the family
No violence can entomb you – uninvolved now lest I slumber
This order has a number – out of our heads call the doctor
Will free them from the animal – Our Jonah makes a contact

The power of division has been known to be the problem
Of aggression of a nation; return to who you are
Our Jonah made a contact; now you should file your comeback
We’re supporting our obsession – we’re designing motivation
All life and death surround you – I would not ever blame you
This order has a number and in our heart we have the doctor
Let it burn out of control – Our Jonah makes a contact
Track Name: Culture Torture
Culture scratching; urban instinct
Pagan pagan; crawling around crawling around
Will you concede again – dream of body and soul
Distorted dissonance contorted on a cross
Culture beware this is a nightmare

Culture diving; further under
Banshee banshee; wailing around wailing around
Will you not sing again – touch effeminate cry
Tied to a beast with fire for its eyes
Culture beware this is a nightmare

Culture intake; power curbed on
Demon demon; robbing around robbing around
We'll sacrifice again – burning out of control
Spike for the fit ensures the blood to flow
Culture beware this is a nightmare

They torture you – they torture me
Track Name: Frankys and Marys
Franky tells us that he’s ready to jump
Says his life is down in the dump
No, don’t end up like him or you’re done
Even if you don’t use a gun
I can’t imagine life to be such misery
When you know that it is worthless to continue
Call it heaven – call it hell – call it anything
Where we are now is what we belong to

Mary hangs on to each lonely day
Says she’d love to find a way
A man will come to her and say
Where have you been…OK
Now though she’s getting bigger all the time
In front of the mirror she has to lie
Working overtime – she hands on to her mind

Frank, he jumps – he’s ready to die
Now he wishes he was able to fly
There is no way that he will survive
He hits the pavement with a tear in his eye
Mary worries if she’s growing much too old
To be able to love without being cold
She stumbles through the door
A bottle helps her keep the score

And so I say goodbye
To the Frankys and their lives
They never did make me cry – only sick deep inside
And the Marys – they are the fool
To let their souls get cool
When people all in all
Alone divided we will fall
Track Name: Attack Decay Sustain Release
How many lives do you need to entomb
Before the button is pushed and the dance starts to loom
The ruling class rules just as well as before
But with a different arrangement holds your face to the floor
No longer elementary – no way to deduce
With random behaviour the elite suck the juice
This is propaganda – this is freedom of speech
We’ll never surrender – we’ll unite and defeat

Attack, decay, sustain, release - Attack, decay, sustain, release

Help destroy the order that creates the illusion
Of democracy that pacifies the mind with confusion
Must be a safer way to survive on this sphere
Without destroying each other with hatred and fear
It doesn’t seem to matter that your minds are controlled
Without even one question you perform as you’re told
There’s nothing held sacred in your life anymore
With hardly a choice you’re forced to act like a whore

Attack, decay, sustain, release - Attack, decay, sustain, release

Why are we asked to believe in a solution
Where the government and money work together in collusion
Everything is owned by the crown or the state
Every living person should revolt before it’s late
Demonstrate your anger – expose them to your wrath
Squander undeniable issues in the path
The fear is not in knowing, the fear is what you find
Tucked away in silence in the politician’s mind

Attack, decay, sustain, release - Attack, decay, sustain, release

Post Rock Punk Protest
Track Name: No Longer Wonder Why
I have this friend of mine who likes to waste his time
He talks of all he knows – then lives in overdose
When I’m alone in bed it goes straight to my head
No matter where I stand there is a helping hand

And then this friend I tell to others can repel
Long distance circle rhyme – how can you turn back time?

Don’t tell me how I should think
Don’t measure how much I drink
And if I choose to smoke
Maybe it’s all one big joke

When I get together with my friend we both like to pretend
That we’re sitting on a star – not caring who we are

When the luminaries start to curl
All around this frightened world
One thought is all it takes
To see our own mistakes

I show this friend of mine a real damn good time
It matters not what I believe
We wish for peace but still we grieve

Then we send our youth to war
What is it that we’re fighting for?
By the hill the soldiers wait
To reclaim all that we hate

When I’m alone at night I tremble for the light
This world and all that’s here is guided by a fear

Quite relaxed and so secure
That’s what my friend is searching for
In another world instead
That’s where he aims his head
I go to work each day
But I wonder when I’ll play
If that’s the case I think I’ll die
And no longer wonder why
Track Name: Madsong
Now we live in a world with no solutions
To our problems which through evolution
Have escalated into a form of madness
That we have all accepted

So tell me why are you still drooling
When with all your schooling
You are supposed to be a better man than me

No No don’t give me no bullshit
Just tell me that you’ve had it
With this world we have created
It’s time we do something

So walk into any government office
And tell them you didn’t elect them
In fact , if you had it your way
The laws you would erase
But that would leave then out of work you know
Even though they wouldn’t suffer
‘Till we take our boots to their face

Don’t get me wrong
I’m really not that violent
But with the end so near
We have nothing they can trace

So we sing a madsong
Track Name: Dark Eye
You occupy yourself
Behind your money hide
We've seen it all before
Laid clear against the door

There are no religious ties
Alone religious lies
You have bitten the hand that feeds you
Convinced you are ordained to....

Walk the earth on high
With the limit only sky
You are completely hypnotized
With a finger in your eye

Torment your body find
Extortion in your mind
You rest with proper cause
Limb shackled to the wall

Make the present last
Lest you confuse it with the past
And for the future trust the omen
The premonition is the warning

Live with the social cause
And consort with an evil lot
In the hopes of gaining sight
Remove your finger from your eye
Track Name: Space Angel
Well let me tell you people when I was out in space
I became frantically elated – there was a smile upon my face
My limbs had long stopped moving
My mind became quite numb
I felt my capsule drifting inching nearer to the sun
Then along came this young lady
She made her way into my room
She said she’d stop me from thinking I was on a path of doom

She said she was the Space Angel and soon I’ll understand
You’re now about to experience my secret master plan
And with this she started floating and bouncing off the wall
With her little wings a’flappin’
It wasn’t long before her fall
Then she picked me up and squeezed me
And then she held me to the light
The sun was shining brighter now
I knew I had to fight

I say ‘Hey, you Space Angel, now who do you think you are?
You come crashing into my capsule acting like you are a star.
I don’t know how I should tell you but I think it’s plain to see
That you really are a domey and not what you appear to be
Well come on Space Angel le me see the things that you do
I’ll take you down and bend you over and try your act on you”

Now the Space Angel took the beating
She took it tied and true
And when her trial was over she swore she’d start anew
I free her from her bondage – the air was getting thin
And then the musky odour I started to breathe in
I felt intoxicated – I had been dealt an awful blow
To be defeated by the Space Angel with nothing left to show

So let me tell you people next time you’re out in space
And if your capsule’s drifting to some far off unknown place
And if by chance some young lady comes crashing through the door
Calling herself the Space Angel and what she has come there for
Remember my warning to you – she’s as evil as evil can be
Beware the name Space Angel – you don’t want to end up like me
… you?