Still Alive

by John Christian

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This album consists of songs that were considered in early 2016 for the Rough Pup sessions.

They were recorded in November 2015 right after the JCFV Unfolded and Grown album was released.

This album is a simple interpretation of 10 songs played on acoustic guitar with harmonica and bass.


released April 2, 2017

John Christian: acoustic guitar, harmonica, bass, vocals, production.
Michael Dent: photography



all rights reserved


John Christian Windsor, Nova Scotia

Music producer and arranger.






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Track Name: Miscalculating Judgement Day
Traveling on the moon town train
Not feeling quite half insane
With an opponent of the peace time land
This is where we have to stand
Is there nobody paying no due
To what you and I are going through
Echoes lead us to the safety zone
There’s love for all and you can have your own

If you can’t find tomorrow
Maybe you can beg or borrow
I can no longer reach you
Somebody else will have to teach you now

Take an alligator to your grave
Everyone will blindly wave
All because of one big score – tell me
Have you ever done this before?
These are emotions we are told to hide
Some even call it genocide
Hot coals on a star lit lake
Our love can never be called a mistake

Even though there is illusion
The common thread is confusion
I can no longer reach me
Somebody else will have to teach me now

Occupy another home
No education you have known
With an eternal lock around your neck
How come you cannot mend your pockets before you beg?
There is danger in numbers here
Some of us might disappear
Then what would all the prophets say?
Miscalculating judgment day

Perhaps the vacation’s over
Sling the bag on your shoulder
You can no longer reach me
Somebody else has already touched me now
Track Name: Sharpen The Shadow
And so once again
The hero finds himself a friend
Far away from his home
Building castles by the shore
Twisted wreckage burning still
There to keep some love on chill
The hero’s gone, bring in the next
After all aren’t we the best

Come along on this sunny day
But be careful don’t give yourself away
The plastic warriors melt the sky
As they ruin your mind alibi
A cable snaps you hear it fall
Now on the ground I’ll meet you all
Shorn against the hero’s will
The shadow’s sharpened for the kill

This cause is here to stay
A new world order is on the way
Now across the line we stand
As we now remove our hand
Place the rock back where we found
The enemy is all around
This then is my story told
Believe only the truth hold
Track Name: Come To Me
A thousand angry bombs they fall
Upon a thousand foreign shores
A thousand bunkered generals plot
The gravestones of a thousand more

Come to me my darling one
We'll build our castle in the sun
By the shade of the maple tree
I know one day that you will come to me

One hundred men do barely sleep
They march through paddies six feet deep
An unknown schedule to keep
As death claims all around their feet

Come to me my lovely one
Leave not what's been left undone
By the willows near the sea
That day is soon that you will come to me

Ten soldiers walk a jungle track
One hundred pounds upon their back
Their eyes show more than they can tell
They lived their lives on earth in hell

Come to me my only one
The time is near; it has begun
By the way you look at me
You're telling that you will come to me

O lonely mother cries in vain
Another soul expires in pain
A single soldier cries to sleep
And prays the Lord his soul to keep

Come to me my lonely one
And we'll find pleasure in the sunday
By this winding road we'll see
One day you will come to me

Come to me my darling one
We'll build our castle in the sun
By the shade of that maple tree
I know one day that you will come to me
Track Name: All Work No Joy
Work for money
Two sets of rules – different opportunities
Wonder, do you fair well here
With all the handicaps you’ve got

Slave for fun
When will you have delight – two different cages
Don’t listen to the howling
It may call you in and then …

All work no joy

Work for money
Impotence – you’ll never admit to it
If all you have is what you need
In your backyard – your family tree
Never mind the pain

No Joy
Two sides to every face
One only does it for the purse
Can’t be satisfied until it’s over
Two different attitudes each opposing and then …

All work no joy

Work for money
There are no rules – uneven opportunities
One alternative exception
Can found seen through your stare

Dance for life
Above all remain pacified
Don’t mistake that cage for more
It’s worth is directly proportional to the time spent
Looking for the open door and then ...

All work no joy
Track Name: Darkened Skies
The rain it holds no questions
As darkness fills the skies
This place where death's erupting
Complete the raging lies
It's not for us to judge it
Cantankerous on high
I'll take you on a journey
To touch the darkened skies

The fields are filled with fire
Reaching for the sky
Burning with angered power
Remind us of the lies
Of those who came before us
Their souls are touched by hell
Contented with their absence
Reminded by the smell

The rain it has the answers
It spills out of the sky
And now unto the city
The people choke and cry
There is no explanation
Our journey's come to be
The past is now the future
If only we could see
Track Name: I Knew Jack The Ripper
Tenacious fog crept slowly to blanket
The remains of what he’d done
Unhurriedly he wiped his hands
From the blood of his victim
The murder was over before the scream
The terror still in her eyes
He turned and walked back to the round about
With a proper English style

I knew Jack the ripper

The streets became his playground
The moorlands of mortal sin
Staring bedeviled into the darkness
Visitation settled in
Stale odour of opium on his breath
Satan powered his reflective thought
Obsession had control of his very soul
As he would turn cold steel to hot

I knew Jack the ripper
Track Name: Ladder Of My Own
What to do when you’re broke and blue
The sunshine’s not breaking through
And all the wealth that you thought you made
Will not help to make you whole

What to say when you look away
From the three and you don’t pray
The water’s cold and you ain’t as bold
So you shiver quake and cry

I need a ladder of my own
Not one that has been used before
And with that ladder of my own
I’ll climb the hill and I’ll be gone

Where to go when I dig my hole
To crawl into the dreams I hold
Like a gopher I’m search for
Something that I can chew

Where to hide no one can trace
I’ll dig myself out of this place
That’s the time I realize
That I am getting old

The money’s gone and the rent is due
The water’s cold but I ain’t through
The sun will come and shine on me
And I will live again

The day is now; no alibi
It should come as no surprise
I’ve broken through the clouds and I find
That it’s a bright new sunny day

I’ve got a ladder of my own
Not one that has been used before
And with this ladder of my own
I’ll climb the hill and I’ll be gone

You’ll need a ladder of your own
Not one that has been used before
And with that ladder of your own
You’ll climb the hill and you’ll be gone
Track Name: Misery
I would do anything not to be this way
Take you for a ride in the month of May
Take you by the hand through the holy land
For a thousand years wipe away your tears
I would say anything to be on your side
Then you can never tell when hero’s in hell
So prepare to see the chosen destiny
A lock without a key – this is misery

I can’t no longer wait; want to no longer hate
In the left behind I am in my mind
Now you realize you are in disguise
Hope the lesson learned teach us all how to burn
In the month of June beneath the stormy moon
The secret’s then revealed high upon the hill
There for all to see what is meant to be
A ship without a sea – this is misery

You find a way on in
You take it while you can
Following a ‘why’
You walk the sky
Then you set aside
The what you look inside
It’s all the factory – this is misery

I would do anything not to be this way
Trip you for a ride in the month of May
Drag you by the hand through the promise land
For a million years reduce you to tears
I would say anything to see the other side
And you can always tell when you’re in hell
As we prepare to see our only destiny
A cold cup of tea – this is misery
Track Name: Culture Torture
Culture scratching; urban instinct
Pagan pagan; crawling around crawling around
Will you concede again – dream of body and soul
Distorted dissonance contorted on a cross
Culture beware this is a nightmare

Culture diving; further under
Banshee banshee; wailing around wailing around
Will you not sing again – touch effeminate cry
Tied to a beast with fire for its eyes
Culture beware this is a nightmare

Culture intake; power curbed on
Demon demon; robbing around robbing around
We'll sacrifice again – burning out of control
Spike for the fit ensures the blood to flow
Culture beware this is a nightmare

They torture you – they torture me
Track Name: Who's Suffering Now
Like a liberated dove – I fly through the sky
To bring balance, peace and love
Then breathe the reason why

You come across so aggravating
Let’s end the war; I’m tired of waiting
I ask of you to tell me
Who’s suffering now

Like an ear to the ground – I listen to the words
Let go and start to fall
Don’t wait to take your turn

You bring about so much complication
There’s no need to feel this hatred
I ask of you to tell me
Who’s suffering now

Like an ordinary man – I travel through the day
And with every step I plan
To unravel what they say

You defy all sense of passion
Void of thought; drenched in confusion
I ask of you to tell me
Who’s suffering now

You hide your face and lose your anger
You make the claim I’ll burn forever
But still I ask of you to tell me
Who’s suffering now

Like sand upon the shore – I move with the wind
Though the surf does take a toll
It won’t make my heart sink

You think you can end this magic
Then how come your life’s so tragic
Though I ask you will not tell me
Who’s suffering now