Crawling Up Through The Earth

by Deadbeat

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Deadbeat was a Toronto goth band from the 1980s. This is their one and only album.

It has been digitally re-mastered.


released September 13, 2015

Barry Andrews - drums
Ion Newport - bass, vocals
Dave Tate - guitar, vocals
John Christian - synthesizer, vocals.

Recorded at Number Nine Sound in Toronto
Andrew St. George - engineer
John Christian - producer



all rights reserved


John Christian Windsor, Nova Scotia

Music producer and arranger.






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Track Name: In The Engine Room
Do you like yourself? Do you know who you are?
Do you live in the light? Do you live in the dark?
Do you hope for life? Do you see it end?
Do you face the facts? Do you still pretend?

Do you assert yourself? Do you follow behind?
Do you enjoy life? Do you not have time?
Do you live in the streets? Do you live in a home?
Do you have enough friends? Do you feel alone?

They’ve locked you in the engine room

Do you know yourself? Do you wonder how?
Do you live in the past? Do you live in the now?
Do you sleep on a bed? Do you sleep on the floor?
Do you have enough? Do you still want more?

Do you believe yourself? Do you seek for the truth?
Do you long to be old? Do you long for your youth?
Do you dance through life? Do you carry a load?
Do you conceal your wealth? Do you have none to hold?

They’ve locked you in the engine room
Track Name: I Knew Jack The Ripper
Tenacious fog crept slowly to blanket
The remains of what he’d done
Unhurriedly he wiped his hands
From the blood of his victim
The murder was over before the scream
The terror still in her eyes
He turned and walked back to the round about
With a proper English style

I knew Jack the ripper

The streets became his playground
The moorlands of mortal sin
Staring bedeviled into the darkness
Visitation settled in
Stale odour of opium on his breath
Satan powered his reflective thought
Obsession had control of his very soul
As he would turn cold steel to hot

I knew Jack the ripper
Track Name: Dark Eye
You occupy yourself
Behind your money hide
We've seen it all before
Laid clear against the door

There are no religious ties
Alone religious lies
You have bitten the hand that feeds you
Convinced you are ordained to....

Walk the earth on high
With the limit only sky
You are completely hypnotized
With a finger in your eye

Torment your body find
Extortion in your mind
You rest with proper cause
Limb shackled to the wall

Make the present last
Lest you confuse it with the past
And for the future trust the omen
The premonition is the warning

Live with the social cause
And consort with an evil lot
In the hopes of gaining sight
Remove your finger from your eye
Track Name: Animal In Me
t’s so dark I cannot see
Tension caused by the animal in me
Glazed eyes - frothing at the mouth
Driven by an anger lurking near about
I cannot talk; only breathe
Backed to a corner is the animal in me
I’m wild, you can’t take me alive
Don’t try to tame the animal in me

And so my life has run to seed
Inspiring the animal in me
Col sweat - bearing teeth
Far into regions of insanity
I cannot dream; only feed
Devouring the animal in me
I’m mad, you have now been warned
Into a rage goes the animal in me

Don’t try to tame the animal in me
Track Name: Culture Torture
Culture scratching; urban instinct
Pagan pagan; crawling around crawling around
Will you concede again – dream of body and soul
Distorted dissonance contorted on a cross
Culture beware this is a nightmare

Culture diving; further under
Banshee banshee; wailing around wailing around
Will you not sing again – touch effeminate cry
Tied to a beast with fire for its eyes
Culture beware this is a nightmare

Culture intake; power curbed on
Demon demon; robbing around robbing around
We'll sacrifice again – burning out of control
Spike for the fit ensures the blood to flow
Culture beware this is a nightmare

They torture you – they torture me