Across The Road

by John Christian

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Recorded February 2016. This is a lighter album with a country and folk sound.


released May 25, 2016

John Christian - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, balalaika, drums, khol, percussion, harmonica, organ, piano, clavichord, synthesizers, handclaps, whistling, sampling, sound effects, vocals.

Steve Brown - bass on 'Another Day Like Today' and 'Friend'

Theodore, Penelope and Romeo - dog barks on 'Happy Man'



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John Christian Windsor, Nova Scotia

Music producer and arranger.






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Track Name: Across The Road
Across the road, across the road,
I got to find another set of clothes,
One that fits my simple ways.
And so that’s how this story goes.

Take me now for what I am,
Sometimes beaten down but I still stand.
The law is always knockin’ on my door. Tell me
What are they comin’ ‘round here for?

I walked the dog, sat on the grass,
so now the whole world can go and kiss my ass
I play my music all night long.
Why don’t you sing along?

La la la….. Di di di ….. It makes no difference to me

It ain’t over, it ain’t the end,
We’ve become even better than friends,
Raise yourself up and don’t be so down,
Remember friend – keep your feet on the ground.

This is my song, this is why,
I’ll give it all until the day that I die,
a smile is worth a million chips of gold. Stand back!
Now I’m growing old.
Track Name: Oh Mercy Me
Oh mercy me, I’ve been here so long that I know longer see
The crude indifference that people often live
While trying to show that they are good

Oh mercy me, what will it take for us to get ourselves to be
Together harmonizing; instead familiar noises
Would we not much prefer to love

And when I get out of bed I hear a noise in my head
And if I step out of line there’s a place that I find
It’s a warm happy place; it puts a smile on my face
And I can take you there too; forever I will be true
As long as I think of you

Oh mercy me, I wish that I could find a means to set you free
But as you surely know it is not up to me
Or you to find out what we are
Oh mercy me, why does it take so long to find a way to be
When will the answer come; I know we need it bad
But it still eludes us all the same

Oh mercy me, It’s almost over and still we’ve more to see
Get out your pail and shovel; we’ll dig for gold
Oh mercy me, we are not perfect but we expect to be
A strange position; if we stay inside
We might not ever have to go away

And when I get out of bed I hear a noise in my head
And if I step out of line there’s a place that I find
It’s a warm happy place; it puts a smile on my face
And I can take you there too; forever I will be true
As long as I think of you
Track Name: Friend
What if you were my friend?
What would that mean to you?
Some think that it’s the end
When they declare it to be true

I don’t always confess what I often see
When you profess your love for me

What if I was your friend?
What would that mean to me?
Sometimes I think to myself
How would that make me feel?

No I don’t mind to hold you so
‘Cause in my mind I love you more

What if we all laughed at the thought of death?
No, it isn’t so strange
This old way to birth

The candle burns and we just cry
Then why not turn so we can fly?
Track Name: When The Hammer Falls
You’ll take the hard ride home
You’ll lose all that you’ve grown
You’ll have just what you’ve known
When the hammer falls
I’ll pause for one last time
And find that all is fine
With my love forever mine
When the hammer falls

We’ll see the stars at night
We’ll see them shine so bright
This will be our soul’s delight
When the hammer falls
Our dreams will set us free
Bright days are all we’ll see
This world belongs to you and me
When the hammer falls

I can take you far inside
You no longer have to hide
Like a cat without its claws
Like a dog forever lost

I’ll take the long way back
I’ll mend all that is cracked
I’ll throw it all in my pack
When the hammer falls
We’ll work and live and love
We’ll see the sun above
And we will never have enough
When the hammer falls

We’ll take the soft ride home
We’ll reap all that we’ve grown
We’ll have more than we’ve known
When the hammer falls
You’ll pause for one last time
You’ll see that all is fine
You are forever mine
When the hammer falls
Track Name: Happy Man
Happy Man ride free
And don’t tune your voice to the sound our guitars
Happy Man ride free
And keep within the movements of your heart
Forever’s been known to tear it apart

The latest call
Like burning through the darkness of the night
The latest fall
Colliding with a multitude of rights
Both sides have been aligned by way of sight

Happy Man ride free
Consider what the stars and stripes have done
Happy Man ride free
Accumulated power with the gun
And smother then with prided what you have done

Happy Man ride free
And tell us of a different way of life
Happy Man ride free
But don’t discard your feelings with a knife
The attitude that puts you always right
Track Name: Dream (The Core)
You cheat; I plead; it weighs me down
The soul and strain have not been found
To try is want of hope
To give accept and cope
The final trials now have rebound

This legion of my loyalty
Reminds most that they are not free
Envision as you pray
Only then the courses lay
To be at peace or just to be

This fading strength I call my own
Will not protect you when I’m gone
I see it in a dream
Before me so serene
When I awake I know there’s one way home

So go and dream and fear no more
No one will uneven the score
It’s not what you conceive
It’s more what you believe
Then by the dream you reach the core
Track Name: Everything Is Gone
I had me a job, got me working all the time
I had me a house, so beautiful and clean
And in my house I had everything I needed
Provided by the job I had uptown
It was heaven, you know, the great Canadian dream
My family and I had it made in the shade
But then one day thongs began to change
The borders were open and jobs, well, they ran amuck
And since then, let me tell you, everything is gone

Now at first it didn't seem to affect me at all
But more and more there was less and less to do
Pressure in house had my love grow weak
I felt lost and so uncertain of my life
It was hell, the end of the great Canadian dream
My family and I were being traded for something free
And then one day I was told I had no job
And now I'm blamed for doing what I was told to do
So now you see how it happened that everything is gone

Well I say why don't more raise up in anger
There is no one who wants to live this way
To lose your job because they're going under
And they're going under because they can't survive
The competition is tremendously unequal
Governments don't care if you live of if you die
We line their pockets with the money we work hard for
And when we're done they throw us all away
If you open your eyes you'll see that everything is gone
Track Name: Take Us Home
I'm happy when I'm down here with the weeds up to my knees
And so condescending to all the people that I meet
Wink at me and I will tell you all the secrets in my mind
'Cause there's not another living person who has done it to me quite so kind
Your sugar is the sweetest thing my body has ever known
That's why I'm here to court you honey
Hold you tight and take us home

I'm craving some refreshment; some buttermilk or tea
You've got everything in your cupboard that will bring me to my knees
I don't have to wonder – I don't have to pray
'Cause I already know all those wonderful things that you're going to say
You are my angel – you are my equal soul
That's why I'm here to court you honey
Hold you tight and take us home

I've combed through the valleys – I've searched the highest peaks
When looking here and there but all the while I was asleep
And if I ever lose you I'd surely lose myself
When I look into the mirror I see you and nobody else
You give me such delight – my love for you keeps growing
That's why I'm here to court you honey
Hold you tight and take us home

I've come to realize this thing that is called love
I stop and question all that which comes from above
So lean with me gently and capture all the light
You come to me so sincere with honesty in sight
The heat you emanate soothes me to the bone
That's why I'm here to court you honey
Hold you tight and take us home
Track Name: Another Day Like Today
See, there is something in your voice
Telling me I have a choice
See, myself in a different light
Perhaps then I won’t have to fight
It may just be all right

So much that I can try to say - Now I’ve got to tell it this way
But first I’ll have to trust in you before I am led astray
I can never push you away - I feel there is nothing to say
I guess I was wrong about another day like today

See, when you laugh it calms the waves
Everything I learned today
See, the beauty of your silent tears
Remembering the love we share
It never seems to fail

See, every moment has its hold
Doing all that I am told
See, flowers in the winter give
I really don’t want to live
Another day like today
Track Name: Who's Suffering Now
Like a liberated dove – I fly through the sky
To bring balance, peace and love
Then breathe the reason why

You come across so aggravating
Let’s end the war; I’m tired of waiting
I ask of you to tell me
Who’s suffering now

Like an ear to the ground – I listen to the words
Let go and start to fall
Don’t wait to take your turn

You bring about so much complication
There’s no need to feel this hatred
I ask of you to tell me
Who’s suffering now

Like an ordinary man – I travel through the day
And with every step I plan
To unravel what they say

You defy all sense of passion
Void of thought; drenched in confusion
I ask of you to tell me
Who’s suffering now

You hide your face and lose your anger
You make the claim I’ll burn forever
But still I ask of you to tell me
Who’s suffering now

Like sand upon the shore – I move with the wind
Though the surf does take a toll
It won’t make my heart sink

You think you can end this magic
Then how come your life’s so tragic
Though I ask you will not tell me
Who’s suffering now